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Meetings are held  7pm on 3rd Thursday monthly
September through April at
Denver Presbytery Center
1710 S. Grant St., Denver  80210

(Location is 3 blocks east of Broadway, 4 blocks north of Evans.  Free parking in lot south of the building--enter from alley on east side of the building or driveway on the south side of building.)

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Denver Presbytery, 1710 So. Grant, Denver, 7:00 p.m.


Jennifer Loyd is a writer, horticulturist, educator, and urban homesteader. When not outside, she is cooking, baking, brining, fermenting, canning and otherwise chained to the kitchen by the compulsion to produce. Her work has been featured in Colorado Gardener and Prairie Margins.

Maximizing Your Harvest Through Succession Seeding

Succession planting is the practice of sowing small amounts of seeds over the length of the season, ensuring that you will always have enough of a particular crop, but not too much so that less goes to waste. You can use the practice to grow small amounts of a particular veggie throughout the season, to replace past-their-prime crops, and to ensure one final crop of cool season greens and veggies that will mature right around the first light frosts of October and even benefit from the cooler temperatures.

The key to succession seeding is planning: buying enough seed, saving space in the garden, and having frost protection at the ready to protect your hard work late into the winter. We’ll discuss what veggies are suitable for succession seeding, how to budget money and space for seed, how often to re-sow, how to take advantage of micro climates in the garden, and how to protect your late crops against winter.

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