FROG is a cordial group of veteran and novice Organic Gardeners who enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm.
Front Range Organic Gardeners
Club meetings are held 7pm on 4thTuesday monthly
September through April

Corona Presbyterian Church
1205 8th Ave., Denver, CO

(northeast corner of 8th and Downing)
access from the front door
Plenty of easy-access handicap and senior parking along with 36 spaces next to the Church.

Our next meeting is:

Elections & Seed Swap
Tuesday, January 22, 7 p.m.

Notes from the Club President:
Here’s to New Beginnings!  We hear that a lot in early January and it has a nice ring to it.  But as gardeners we know that “to everything, there is a season”, and Winter is not a great time to start new things.  But it IS a great time to plan for Spring! 

My visits to the mailbox are so fun now, with gorgeous seed, nursery, and garden catalogs showing up. I only order from one or two, but oh what delightful perusing!  I have my favorites, and some things I want to try (hello, Baby Persian Cucumber), and then there are the unexpected temptations. In my mind’s eye, I see plump healthy plants, perfectly spaced in weed-free beds and containers. Drip irrigation is placed just so, triggered by properly set timers for optimum effect.  I harvest the glistening perfect fruits and leaves and roots, and prepare marvelous feasts.  Gardeners have rich fantasy lives. <wink>

For FROG, January is the time to elect Board members for the coming year.  The Board and the various committees do most of the official work and projects of our club.  What’s happening now?  Linda, our Treasurer, has been collecting membership dues and forms from renewing members.  Lisa, our Grants Coordinator, has sent grant applications to last year’s grant recipients, and a number of prospective applicants.  Anne, Plant Sale planner extraordinaire, has been laying the groundwork for our May sale.  Our Programs Committee – Betty Jo, Rose Ann, and Gigia – have been arranging for speakers and garden tours for the coming year.  The newsletter you’re reading is the result of year-round work by our Newsletter Editor Kim.  And soon we will have a new Membership Roster distributed to all members, which I hope will encourage more informal collaborations – car-pooling, garden work parties, Q&A sessions via email, plant shopping trips, and maybe some new ideas for the club as a whole.      

I hope you’re all recuperating from the holiday festivities, and are ready to plan for an exciting 2019!  And I hope to see you at the January FROG meeting 

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An organic garden club since 1987 in mile-high Denver, Colorado.
Front Range Organic Gardeners, Inc.

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