FROG is a cordial group of veteran and novice Organic Gardeners who enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm.
Meetings are held  7pm on 3rd Thursday monthly
September through April at
Denver Presbytery Center
1710 S. Grant St., Denver  80210

(Location is 3 blocks east of Broadway, 4 blocks north of Evans.  Free parking in lot south of the building--enter from alley on east side of the building or driveway on the south side of building.)

Westminster Garden of Club Member Glenda W.
6:30 p.m.
Westminster, CO
As most of you know, FROG’s summer meetings take us to see some really great metro area gardens. Some are community or public gardens and some are the gardens of our own FROG members, or we sometimes enjoy private tours of gardening-related businesses.

The best fun of these summer meetings is combining the garden tour with a won-derfully-social (and yummy!) al fresco dining experience. FROG doesn’t plan the food—it’s totally a potluck with everyone bringing food to share with the others. And these potlucks are a great time to seek-and-share gardening tips!

You are welcome to bring a guest—friend, family member or perhaps a gardening pal! FROG provides drinks and some disposable plates, flatware and cups—but most of us go-green by bringing our own plate, utensils & cup. It often helps to bring a folding chair.

In August, we will be touring the suburban garden of FROG Club member Glenda W.  Glenda's garden is a mature suburban lot with peach trees and low water plants. Front yard has a hell strip that is watered once or twice a season. Her sprinkler system is not functioning so she is a hose dragger. The good thing is that the lawn is only watered when stressed. She has a rock garden, roses and a vegetable garden in her backyard. She states, “My yard is a reminder that no landscape is complete. It is a living breathing being and constantly changing.”

Please see the Club newsletter for the address and directions.

Guest Speaker:  Joe Fleenor
A garden tool primer: Gardening tools, their uses,
storage and care
Denver Presbytery Center
THURSDAY, September 17th, 6:30 p.m.
see address above
Joe Fleenor is a member of FROG and has been a handyman since 1982.  He has gardened off and on his whole life - just recently getting back to it a little bit more seriously.   Having used tools everyday (almost) for the past 33 years and more, he is eager to share some of what he has learned.

Guest Speaker:  Deb Neeley
'Bee Safe Neighborhoods'
Denver Presbytery Center
THURSDAY, October 15th, 6:30 p.m.
see address above
Deb is a Bee Safe Neighborhood coordinator who is passionate about the health of honey bees and helps to create awareness about the problems we are having with colony collapse and what we can do to help.  More details to come.
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