FROG is a cordial group of veteran and novice Organic Gardeners who enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm.
Meetings are held  7pm on 3rd Thursday monthly
September through April at
Denver Presbytery Center
1710 S. Grant St., Denver  80210

(Location is 3 blocks east of Broadway, 4 blocks north of Evans.  Free parking in lot south of the building--enter from alley on east side of the building or driveway on the south side of building.)

Wheat Ridge Garden of Club Member Anne B.
6:30 p.m.
7420 W 34th Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO  80033
As most of you know, FROG’s summer meetings take us to see some really great metro area gardens. Some are community or public gardens and some are the gardens of our own FROG members, or we sometimes enjoy private tours of gardening-related businesses.

The best fun of these summer meetings is combining the garden tour with a won-derfully-social (and yummy!) al fresco dining experience. FROG doesn’t plan the food—it’s totally a potluck with everyone bringing food to share with the others. And these potlucks are a great time to seek-and-share gardening tips!

You are welcome to bring a guest—friend, family member or perhaps a gardening pal! FROG provides drinks and some disposable plates, flatware and cups—but most of us go-green by bringing our own plate, utensils & cup. It often helps to bring a folding chair.

In July, we will be touring the suburban garden of FROG Club member Anne B.  The extra deep Wheat Ridge lot and underground aquifer with irrigation well has allowed Anne to be diverse in her plantings.  Besides the standard 'Front Range' perennials, Anne has over 30 different varities of trees and shrubs, a witchhazel bush that is the earliest bloomer in the spring and three eastern dogwoods placed as understory trees.

Directions to Anne's garden:

If coming from the south or east, Wadsworth is terrible during evening rush hour.  One suggestion would be to take Speer north, then turn left onto 29th to go west.   Continue west on 29th across Federal and then Sheridan.  About 5 blocks before you reach Wadsworth, turn right (north) on Teller.  Make a left on 34th Ave (in-between traffic calming islands - metal palm trees are on your left!)  I'm the 8th house on the left with lots of trees and plants and a metal art piece of a bird in front.

If coming from I-70, take Wadsworth south.  Go through the light at 38th Ave., and then before heading up towards Crown Hill Cemetery, make a left onto 34th Ave. (State Beauty Supply is on left corner, a tan house is on the right corner).  34th Ave. zig-zags a bit, follow it around, I'm the fourth house on the right after the road straightens out.  My yard has lots of trees and plants and a metal art piece of a bird in front.

Plenty of parking on the street or driveway.  Come through side gate to back yard.  Watch your step.

If you survived the rains of May and early Jun, you are probably SWIMMING in weeds!

This year, instead of using an industrial weed and grass killer like Roundup or Spectracide (boo!), why not go organic?

HORTICULTURAL VINEGAR is a natural, effective alternative to harsh chemical weed killers. It is most effective on warm, sunny days; the heat of the midday sun will turn most plants totally brown 2 - 6 hours after application. Horticultural vinegar is reasonably inexpensive and environmentally safe — perfect for organic gardening! Most brands are between 10-20% acetic acid (household vinegars have 5%) and some include a natural surfactant and penetrating agent.

  • It will NOT harm people, pets or wildlife, it is safe to use in gardens, lawns and landscaped areas.
  • It will NOT travel through the soil to injure nearby plants.
  • It may be used for pH modification of soil and water.
  • It works fast (within a few hours) and degrades quickly in the environment.

Horticultural vinegar can be found at most local garden centers or if you are buying in bulk, go online and search on HORTICULTURAL's one brand but there are plenty out there.

Good luck!

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