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(Location is 3 blocks east of Broadway, 4 blocks north of Evans.  Free parking in lot south of the building--enter from alley on east side of the building or driveway on the south side of building.)

Guest Speaker:  James Weiser
'Create a Habitat for Mushrooms in a Suburban Habitat!!'
Denver Presbytery Center
THURSDAY, November 19th, 7:00 p.m.
see address above
James Wieser, founder of Carbon Negative, is a leading edge researcher in the introduction of mushrooms into our suburban habitat.  He is developing techniques that allow mushrooms to pre-adapt to the habitat into which they will be introduced, allowing for non-sterile propagation techniques.  That means that anyone can create a habitat for mushrooms at home, utilize the mushrooms in enhancing the fertility of your soil by sequestering nutrients and harvest mushrooms for eating/medicinal purposes.

In Thursday's lecture, James will:
  • review the methods for selecting species to introduce including natives, indigenized and imported species,
  • review options for pasteurizing the substrate by green, sustainable methods that will multiply the mycelium and ways to train the mycelium to thrive on the materials in your garden/yard.

ANYTHING (!) in your yard or garden can be effectively converted into food. Many cutting edge concepts and techniques will be presented.

If you plan to attend the presentation, James asks that you bring something from your garden or yard to the lecture that you want to turn into food from through the techniques that James will explain! 

Thank you very much for your interest!
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